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“Little Giants” is a voluntary youth club that runs once a month on a Saturday morning. It caters for children and young people with a variety of special needs. The youth club enables our members to socialise and play in a way they probably could not do at other clubs. They are accepted whatever their special need might be. The children’s parents have said that “Little Giants” is a life line for them as well as their children; they get a chance to meet other parents who are in the same boat as them and pick up tips and advice from each other. They have the choice to stay for the 2 hours and enjoy a cup of tea and a chat or they can leave their children with us for a small well deserved break, perhaps to nip to the supermarket to do their shopping without the stress of taking a child with special needs.


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Coppice Street
North Dorset

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We are continually raising money to fund the club and our recent installation of a sensory room and state of the art interactive floor. The sensory room consists of specialist equipment to support sensory stimulation for our young people. The young people that attend have a range of special needs from Autism to Downs Syndrome and cerebral palsy to severe learning difficulties, as well as rare genetic disorders, the sensory room benefits all in ways you could not imagine. Also, the children can play on the trampoline, bouncy castle, the Wii and the computer. We also have ball games, air hockey and art and craft activities. We try to cater for all tastes and abilities. Our next dream is to install outdoor equipment and a sensory garden. “Little Giants” is a great little club run by a fabulous team of volunteers who love coming to support the young people. Shaftesbury Youth Club is a voluntary run youth club, for young people aged 10 to 16 years. Drop-in sessions all year round, including school holidays. We offer sports and recreation, advice and guidance; informal education of current issues affecting young people today - supervised by qualified staff and experienced volunteers in a safe and friendly environment. For further information please call: 01747 854021 or email: Respite / Short Break activity.
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Address: Coppice Street  Shaftesbury  Dorset