Baby Calm

Helping you to understand your baby and why they behave as they do. These classes are all about offering reassurance, informing and supporting families through this emotional and transitional time. Some of the things we cover: the transition for the baby from the womb to the outside world; why your baby might cry and how to cope; a range of calming techniques to support you and your baby; the baby ‘bonding’ process; brain development, why they might cry, practical baby care, what you'll need (and possibly not need!), handling babies; where to find support; the use of slings and baby carriers (what’s available and how to tie them); how to get through the early weeks; normal infant sleep and how to get some more.


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Various across Dorset

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Workshops and courses include: antenatal calming, preparing to parent, new baby (fourth trimester), baby calming, Infant sleep, weaning, and nurturing your baby. We also run monthly sling workshops. For the next date look for West Dorset Slings (find us on Facebook). Visit website or get in touch for further information on all available classes. Toddler Calm classes also available.
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