The Little Pennies Pre-School

The Little Pennies Pre-school provides high quality early years education for children aged from 2 to 5 years. Our staff are fully qualified and provide a safe, stimulating environment which enables all children to grow and develop to their full potential.


01725 552997


Venue address
Sixpenny Handley County First School Common Road
Sixpenny Handley
East Dorset


Opening times
Mon: 08:45-14:45
Tue: 08:45-14:45
Wed: 08:45-14:45
Thu: 08:45-14:45
Fri: 08:45-11:45

Service Details

Vacancy information
Please call for vacancy details.
£3.60 per Hour
£10.80 per Session
Cost variations
£12 per session for 2 year olds - available Friday mornings - we are not able to charge an hourly rate.
Additional Information
Little Pennies Pre-school is a registered childcare provider and is in receipt of nursery education funding for 3 and 4 year olds up to 15 hours per child. We are also able to offer up to 18 hours of additional funding for children of working parents who are eligible, if numbers allow. Parents can use their funding entitlements at any time during our opening hours. Provision has an inclusion / equal opportunities policy.
Age Range
2 years 0 months to 5 years 0 months

Ofsted Registered Details

Ofsted inspection result
Date of last inspectionInspection resultOfsted report
20/01/2016 Outstanding View here
Ofsted Report notes
If a childcare provision is run by a school they may not be separately registered with Ofsted, therefore the link to their report will be for the school.
Registration details
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Early Education

Free early education places
15 Hours For 2 year olds
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15 Hours For 3 & 4 year olds
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30 Hours For 3 & 4 year olds
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Wheelchair accessible
School has ramp and a wheelchair accessible toilet.
Parking availability information
Off site parking.
Toilet facility information
Ground floor toilet, wheelchair accessible toilet.
Other Facilities
Ramp access, double doors to decking area outside.
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SEN & Disabilities Local Offer

Local Offer Description

At Little Pennies we offer pre-school care for children aged 2 - 5 years old. The pre-school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage. We are housed in a purpose built wooden building all on one level, within the grounds of the First School.

The Pre-school Manager is the nominated SENCO. We also have a named Deputy SENCO.

The setting has wide doorways to allow for wheelchair access as well as a ramp to the entrance of the building which also allows access to the school playground for outdoor activities. There is also a decking area outside with easy access from the main playroom.

The setting has a disabled toilet.

The main playroom is set up to allow plenty of room between different areas of activity.

We have a robust Key Person system in place who is assigned to you and your child, who is responsible for the pastoral care of your child and ensuring learning and development is relevant to your child's progress.

Contact Name
Ruth Meaden
Contact Telephone
01725 552997
Contact Email

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Our setting has an induction process which involves you informing us of your child's needs through registration forms and discussions during the settling in period.

We will carry out a 2 year old progress check in conjunction with the child's Health Visitor which highlights any areas of concern at an early stage.

Through observation and assessment, children's development is monitored and next steps are planned. If your child presents a consistent concern, we would discuss this with you.

A decision would be made with you as to whether external support should be considered from outside agencies.

A Person Centred Plan would be put in place if appropriate and a graduated approach would be followed to Assess, Plan, Do and Review, ensuring you are involved at every stage.

If you have concerns about your child, you can discuss it with your child's Key Person and the SENCO. Once discussions have taken place, the above steps would be taken.

 How will early years setting/school/college staff support my child/young person?

Once assessment has taken place, the Key Person will ensure that the plan is followed and reviewed as appropriate and as discussed with you.

If external agencies are involved, staff will work closely with them to ensure the plan is maintained and reviewed at regular intervals.

If necessary, specialist training will be sought for staff members to enable them to be fully informed.

If necessary, funding for additional support will be applied for and suitable staff employed.

 How will the curriculum be matched to my child's or young person's needs?

During the planning process, all children as individuals are planned for. Every week each child is observed and his/her next steps inform the planning for the following week.

If your child has specific needs in a certain area of the curriculum this will be addressed by the Key Person who will seek advice and support from the SENCO and/or outside agencies and yourselves.

We have a strong ethos of inclusivity.

 How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing and how will you help me to support my child's/young person's learning?

After the initial induction period, we would invite you for an informal discussion about how your child has settled, highlighting any initial concerns. There is an opportunity for consultation to discuss your child's progress at any time as well as scheduled parent/carer consultations.

If your child has specific needs and a Person Centred Plan is in place, this will be reviewed as appropriate. This will also be the case if outside agencies have contributed to this plan.

We would work closely with you to ensure that you can support these actions at home.

 What support will there be for my child's/young person's overall well being?

We have a robust policy of inclusivity to ensure your child's sense of belonging. Your child's needs would be highlighted to other members of staff and training made available if appropriate. The Key Person is solely responsible for the administration of any medication or intimate care required. These procedures are always witnessed and recorded in line with our Safeguarding policy to ensure the child's safety. In the event of the Key Person being absent, the Manager would take on these responsibilities.

In respect of your child's particular needs, other children in the setting are encouraged to be respectful and non discriminatory at all times through our Golden Rules.

When planning the curriculum each week, all children's needs are addressed. 

 What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting/school/college?

See below for special training attended by pre-school staff.

The setting can seek advice and support from many outside agencies as required.

We have a local named Health Visitor assigned to the pre-school who can offer advice and support when required as well as a named Early Years' Advisor. 

 What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEND have had or are having?

We have two members of staff with up to date SENCO training and information is cascaded to all staff as appropriate. Ongoing training is supported to keep staff abreast with new legislation.

Specialist courses are supported and we currently have staff trained in the following areas:

Autism, English as an Additional Language, Understanding Children's Behaviour, Supporting a Child with Social Communication Difficulties, Understanding Child Development, Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, Practical Inclusion, Fundamental British Values, Equality and Diversity, Speech and Language, Manual Handling as well as all staff being First Aid trained.

 How will my child/young person be included in activities outside this classroom including school trips?

All activities that take place outside of the setting for all children have to be supported by their parents/carers if transport is required.

Trips within the local vicinity are totally inclusive and staff ratios are adhered to.

 How accessible is the setting/school/college environment?

The setting has wide doorways to allow for wheelchair access as well as a ramp to the entrance of the building which also allows access to the school playground for outdoor activities. There is also a decking area outside with easy access from the main playroom.

The setting has a disabled toilet.

The main playroom is set up to allow plenty of room between different areas of activity.

 How will the setting/school/college prepare and support my child/young person to join the setting/school/college or the next stage of education and life?

During your child's time in pre-school, our routines and curricular activities promote children's independent skills to enable them to progress on to the next stage.

The First School organise link sessions in the summer term prior to your child starting. This is planned between the school and the pre-school to address the needs of your child.

We prepare transition records for every child moving on to school and if your child has specific needs these will be recorded on an SEN transition form. Discussions take place for all children moving on to school, between the Manager and the Reception Teacher to highlight any special requirements.

If your child already has 1:1 support in place, this will be continued in school after a reviewing period.

If the next stage of your child's education is in a different school or pre-school, the same transition procedure will take place.


 How are the setting's/school's/college's resources allocated and matched to children's/young people's special educational needs?

Through planning and observation your child's next steps are planned on a weekly basis and resources and activities are chosen to reflect the needs of individual children. If there is a special educational need, this will also be planned for in line with a Person Centred Plan if appropriate.

If specialist resources are required, these will be acquired or purchased as necessary. 

 How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?

Through a graduated response, beginning with an assessment of your child's needs, through discussion with you and any other agency that is already involved.

If your child has not received any extra support before starting at the pre-school and you agree that there is a need, then external advice and an assessment will be sought and a plan put in place, which will be reviewed regularly.

 How are parents involved in the setting/school/college? How can I be involved?

You will be involved at every stage. It is important for you to communicate your concerns and ensure the Key Person is notified of any changes that occur. Staff need to be kept up to date of any reviews or reports that are already ongoing and any medical appointments that occur.

We have an open house policy and you are invited to stay and play at regular intervals throughout the term. You can also discuss any concerns with the Key Person at the beginning or end of a session. We have a Committee which meet regularly to enhance and support the quality of our care, and you would be very welcome to join.

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Address: Sixpenny Handley County First School  Common Road  Sixpenny Handley  Salisbury  Dorset

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