Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) - Dorset Healthcare University N.H.S.

The service provided by the Community mental health teams (CMHT) focuses on those who require support and treatment for a mental disorder and are aged 18 years and over. Our aim is to work in partnership with service users and carers to agree and consent to a recovery care plan that addresses their needs and aspirations. A recovery care plan includes the following: • Identifying hope and aspirations, this includes personal identified goals • Maintaining friendships and relationships • Accessing public amenities and leisure facilities • Having a meaningful occupation (engage in meaningful activity) • Maintaining healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, including arrangements for physical health checks. Therapeutic interventions offered may include medication, psychological therapies and social interventions as well as information and advice.

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Additional Information
Please see our website for all further information including contact details, where to access the service and the referral process.