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Sponsor A Child. Child Sponsorship - Helping Children in The UK. In the UK today and right this minute, there are children suffering abuse whether violent or sexual. They are even more children facing poverty and unable to feed themselves and their family tonight. Then there is the army of youth, young carers, caring for their disabled parents or those with difficulties, which in turn puts pressure on the child. Equally upsetting are the number of children in bad family homes who desperately need help to cure their family of a problem or even worse, move the child into foster care where they can start to rebuild their life. Child sponsors is about enacting a different way of thinking towards charity donations. Child sponsorship enables the person donating to communicate with the project worker or child anonymously and receive updates on how the money spent is helping to change their lives. Inaction leaves children in need. Action helps children recover and in real terms, reactivate


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See the website for details on how you can sponsor a child.
Referral information
Self referral by child/young person, parents/carers, referral from specific agencies
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11 - 19
Age Range
11 years 0 months to 19 years 0 months
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