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We offer a range of parenting programmes to families looking for additional help with managing their children's behaviour. We're here to help you learn how to support your children in all areas of their development. All of our courses aim to help you feel more confident in dealing with your child's behaviour by building up a store of ideas, skills and techniques for coping. You will explore how to enjoy playing and spending time with your child and discover ways of encouraging positive behaviours. We will help you find ways of handling misbehaviour in an appropriate and effective way. In turn, we hope your relationship with your child will improve and they will benefit from greater social skills and a happier, more contented outlook.


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Families need to fulfil the criteria to be considered for the programmes. This can be found under "referrals" on the "For Professionals" page of our website. Or get in touch for further information.

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If you are interested in attending one of the parenting programmes we offer, please contact a health professional such as your health visitor, GP, school nurse, family outreach worker or pastoral care who can complete a referral form for you.

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